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The Nature of Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery

Posted on by Dr. Motykie

The Nature of Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery Beverly Hills | Los AngelesAs the name suggests, reduction rhinoplasty is designed to reduce the nose size. Patients considering this procedure can choose to reduce the overall nose size or focus on the reduction of particular areas such as the nasal tip, a hump or a bump among others.

In a reduction nose job, the surgeon performs the resizing by removing bone and/or cartilage from the nose to attain the desired size and shape.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides reduction rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding locations.


Surgical Planning

The reduction rhinoplasty surgery commences with a consultation between the patient and the nose surgeon. If the patient expresses a desire to decrease the size of their nose, the surgeon will include reduction rhinoplasty techniques into their surgical plan for the patient.

The facial plastic surgeon will also assess the patient’s nose, measure their facial proportions, and understand their aesthetic goals during the consultation.

These steps will enable them to develop an appropriate approach to address the patient’s cosmetic concerns and produce desirable outcomes.



A majority of nose surgeries follow a similar approach. The surgeon commences by placing incisions using an open or closed technique. Irrespective of the incision placement, the surgeon will remove the bone and/or cartilage to reduce the nose size.

If the patient wants a reduction in only specific areas of the nose such as a hump or nostrils, the surgeon will focus on these particular sites. The surgeon will make adjustments according to the surgical plan discussed with the patient during the consultation until desirable outcomes are accomplished.

They will not trim the skin on the patient’s nose during this surgery as it will shrink to its new size by itself. Upon undergoing reduction rhinoplasty, the patient’s nose will be more proportional to other features of their face and not stand out.


Nostril Reduction

A broad nose base or large nostrils can make an otherwise appealing nose appear unattractive. Fortunately, the width of the lower nose can be dramatically reduced by even the conservative removal of an excess nasal base. Approximately one out of 10 nose surgery patients require nostril narrowing, and this procedure is more common among ethnic nose reshaping patients.

The surgeon will maintain a natural nose appearance while cautiously removing a tiny wedge of tissue at the base of the nostrils to narrow the lower part of the nose. They typically perform the rhinoplasty from within the nostril and not from the area where the nostril connects to the cheek.

The placement of a nostril reduction incision on the outside of the nose increases the chances of conspicuous scarring. The surgeon may use a procedure known as Weir excision to place the incision discreetly within the nostril.

Depending on the wedge excision design, this technique can narrow the base of the nostrils, decrease the length of nostril sidewalls, and make the nostrils smaller.

The reduction of a substantial nose tip or bringing the nasal tip close to the face usually cause the nostrils to flare outwards towards the cheeks. However, Weir excisions can reduce this nostril flaring and make oversized nostrils smaller.

Dependable nose surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients for reduction rhinoplasty from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas in this region of the state.

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The Nature of Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

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